Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Peter Greenaway - Intervals

Peter Greenaway - Intervals

Structure and Sound.

This short-film by Peter Greenaway investigates people in place, without a specific narrative. We are able to experience these places and spaces, and the activity within these spaces, allowing us to imagine our own story based on these simple black and white images.

The images are powerful in their simplicity, structure and choice of image.

"Greenaway exploits genre conventions... he deftly dodges narrative responsibilities and engages his delight in images which exist for their own sake." - Robert Brown, MFB

This 'dodging' narrative can be said for this piece of Greenaway's work, although much of his others are focused on creating narrative through various methods. eg. narration, imagery, sound, and architecture. His unique ways of story-telling are something if which adds to the success and intrigue in his work.

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