Thursday, 26 January 2012

Experimental Film - bulle plexiglass

Researching art-house/avant-garde film, I came across plexiglass on vimeo.

Something unique and compelling drew me into every image, which are all abstractly beautiful individually. The use of texture, colour and subject combine to create a powerful 'story' of the context of their space and place in the world. The subjects are of industrial architecture whilst focusing on what causes movement occupying these spaces - this being people and cars. We can engage with the hustle and bustle, which is intensified by her choice of music.

Here are two examples of her work, 'A Day in New York' made paying tribute to filmmaker Dziga Vertov's movie 'The Man with the Movie Camera'.

ARE YOU THERE from bulle plexiglass on Vimeo.

A DAY IN NEW YORK from bulle plexiglass on Vimeo.

you can view other works by plexiglass at:

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