Thursday, 23 September 2010

Wikis to the Changing Society

As a group, we have been investigating various topics considering our changing society and environments. Now, we are becoming more aware of issues worldwide and at doorstep due to the media, political changes and people around us. We are being encouraged to make changes to the way we go about our everyday lives, wether it be recycling our cereal boxes, turning off your bedroom light or buying fair-trade coffee. We are investigating specific topics and how these have affected design in the past, and therefore how they will affect design in the future.

Mind mapping ideas.

'Resourcing, Social Networking and Environmental Sustainability'

Through this brainstorming process it emerged how wether the topic be Social Networking or Fair-Trade they are had similarities in problem and solution. One of the main issues that arose was Sustainability and the Environmental issues which are becoming worse. The question I ask is; are they actually becoming worse or are we just more exposed to them today through advertising, design and networking? Whatever the reasons are, society are now embracing change. This change is not just about helping 'save the planet' but also how we are no longer a world who yearns for international globalisation but more of this idea of creating sustainable living where you live. Like the idea of borrowing your neighbour a bag of sugar. As communities we should take advantage of what others around us have to offer, and the things we have that don't need. Ironic as it might seem, we can take inspiration from how we lived in the 1910s-70s, before industry and ecomony overtook peoples' lives , and get to know our neighbour. Changes in society may be small, but these issues are connected and little changes go a long way.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Environmental Sustainability and Design

Although there is no definition as such of Environmental Sustainability and Design as yet, it is one of the most important aspects to designing today. Politicians, engineers, biologists, designers and many of society are thinking about environmental sustainability and trying to incorporate into their everyday lives.

Research into Environmental Sustainability and how it affects design today proved how important it is and that each designer today has to consider such a thing whether it be designing a boutique hotel or a tub of Nutella. Through this research I created a Mindmap to understand the broad topic 'Environment' suggests, and how evident it is in society.

Beginning to investigate designs for environmental sustainability opened my eyes to the new ideas and technologies that exist and are being incorporated into simple designs of everyday objects and places. Simply look around your room and without knowing, you are sure to have/or using something, designed to try to save the planet..

Every little helps!

Jar of Nutella chocolate spread that can be used as a glass.

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Youview - broadcasting plus broadband.. what could this mean?

Furthermore, I came across Youview (formally Project Canvas). Youview is concerned with creating internet-connected television. We have internet on our mobile phones, we watch TV on our phones, so why do we not have internet access on our TV?

Youview want to develop a set of standards open for industry that enables us to have things such as apps, conversations, choice of what we want to watch when we want to watch, aswell as internet access and with potential for more.

Thinking about this, I believe this potential is endless. It could mean sharing stories, teaching, communicating with the rest of the world at the switch of a button. Even more we could become stars of our own TV drama and brilliant quality streaming live potentially for the rest of the world to watch at that time, or any time they want.

Alongside entertainment, this new idea of combining broadcasting and broadband has the oppertunity to chance social spaces and the communication of people throughout the world. More importantly it could enable people to learn and teach where they may not be able to before. For example, someone who is ill, busy with children etc that cannot leave the house, would be able to turn on their TV and stream a programme teaching a specific task, were it be boiling an egg or sewing a hole in a new skirt. This point of being able to teach and learn opens up new choices for many people which could potentially improve their lives and wellbeing.

Take the elderly for example. They are blessed with wisdom and have alot to teach younger generations, although not blessed with the oppertunity to share these skills. Imagine an elderly person who is unable to leave their house, but has fantastic talent in cake decorating. Then imagine mothers who want to create their child the best birthday cake specifically for their child. With a click of the remote control these people can 'meet online on TV' whilst streaming, and the elderly person can show and teach others how to do what they do without leaving their home. Everyone wins - they have an improve self-esteem for sharing something useful, the parents have learnt something new and others can enjoy watching this interactive cooking show. Not to mention the child has a fantastic birthday cake!

If you are interested in YouView;