Saturday, 18 June 2011

Playing with Time and Pace in Hyde Park

Morning life on a sunny day in Hyde Park.

As I sat for a couple of hours I photographed each person as they ran/walked/cycled past my frontal vision. Each person had their own path, direction of travel and time, and also direction of where they planned to go in their day.

Pace and time became important to the project. I only recorded time when people were going past, forgetting the time when all I could see was the park itself. However, when I added 'my girl' (the sketched 'performer') she was in her own time, a different time scale than the real time. In other words, 'my girl' moves at a faster pace than the photographs show, not because psychically she is, but her direction of movement is not disjointed like the snapshots of people moving past the screen. She has disrupted the normal movement and pace of the normal recorded people.

The two different time spans intertwine in the stop-motion animation in a comical way, with 'my girl' playing with the passers by without their knowledge of her existence. she creates her own time, pace and direction, like us as individuals we chose how to spend time and what direction we take.

Friday, 10 June 2011

Bits and Bobs, Dordogne, France

Images taken at the local weekly market in Riberac in the South of France.

vibrant. fresh. intense. delicious.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Smartphone and Space

How can a Smartphone create and change space?

Can an app influence the way we perceive the place we are in?

What is the potential of the Smartphone in terms of transforming our surrounding environment?

In a 2 day project set up with architect Peter Morris, we investigated this in a variety of ways, experimenting, developing and creatively exploring this new technology that is taking over us, and therefore in some such way, the space around us.

Here are some examples:

Gary and Jonathan


Libby and Sean

Charles, Kirsty and Caroline

Greame, Emma and Karen



       Fiona and Ross

Monday, 9 May 2011

Hyde Park People

The sun is out, as is the people of London, a mini take on Central Park New York.

People watching...

More of my experience to come...

Saturday, 26 March 2011

Time Capsule

'A Message from tomorrow: The Time Capsule occupies a time zone 'ahead of most of the Low Lives presenters'. 

Part of a project by Sam Trubridge, Stuart Foster and Rob Appierdo, Time Capsule was a performance piece created in Wellington, New Zealand on Saturday morning in Spring 2010. 

Passers by were invited to answer the question ' If you could leave a message for the future what would it be?' This performance was also displayed and the same process followed around the world, including various countries from different time zones. It plays on the idea of cultures, contemplation and time zones and how this distance determines these things. It questions the influence time and distance has on lives of our future generations in relationship to distanced communities and where we are going in the future.

Being there helping on this day, being the effects creator behind the scenes, at first was insure of the popularity this would attract (being outside the Museum of Wellington), and how people would react. As seen in the video, people were unsure what to say on the stop like this, and time being the only thing that would give them the answer. As the day progressed and more individuals had their say the story began to unfold and we all began contemplating what the answers meant.. and was what was said actually of any relevance to the concept?

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Moovable Milk - get milk locally, fresh and 'inside your doorstep'

Moovable milk is a business that provides a service and products to customers, based within the local milk industry sector.

We at Moovable Milk aim to encourage people to drink more milk and  waste less.
Currently, the only option for milk in a working environment is in carton format: roughly 15% of this carton will get used whilst the rest is wasted due to the lack of chilling facilities. Moovable Milk functions in a similar way to a water cooler and dispenses milk quickly and efficiently, offering you fresh local milk everyday.
Moovable Milk want to encourage a healthy lifestyle and encourage non post-consumers to get on board with the post-consumer way of life by introducing this product/service to local workplaces, schools and universities.
We will be using organic milk within all our machines.

What are other countries doing?

In Britain we are making small improvements for example, selling milk at farmers markets and some shops selling locally produced milk.
Tesco created the  ‘Local Choice Milk’ campaign claiming to sell locally sourced milk…
Would you say 150miles is locally sourced?

Sketch Process


We plan on producing a few models of milk dispenser, varying in storage capacity, selection size and payment method (pre-pay or direct.)
We estimate a unit price of around £250 for production, and plan to sell for £400 to schools (subsidised) and £500 to the private sector.
The milk itself, is stored in a bag within the machine. This reduces packaging and therefore waste as well as size so the machine can be smaller and use less materials.