Saturday, 26 March 2011

Time Capsule

'A Message from tomorrow: The Time Capsule occupies a time zone 'ahead of most of the Low Lives presenters'. 

Part of a project by Sam Trubridge, Stuart Foster and Rob Appierdo, Time Capsule was a performance piece created in Wellington, New Zealand on Saturday morning in Spring 2010. 

Passers by were invited to answer the question ' If you could leave a message for the future what would it be?' This performance was also displayed and the same process followed around the world, including various countries from different time zones. It plays on the idea of cultures, contemplation and time zones and how this distance determines these things. It questions the influence time and distance has on lives of our future generations in relationship to distanced communities and where we are going in the future.

Being there helping on this day, being the effects creator behind the scenes, at first was insure of the popularity this would attract (being outside the Museum of Wellington), and how people would react. As seen in the video, people were unsure what to say on the stop like this, and time being the only thing that would give them the answer. As the day progressed and more individuals had their say the story began to unfold and we all began contemplating what the answers meant.. and was what was said actually of any relevance to the concept?

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