Saturday, 12 March 2011

Get your head out the gutter

This animation I created looks at how we live in a society that forgets to look up and indulge in the beautiful underrated  architecture that exists there (follows previous posts, feel free to read back).

I am posing a few ideas questioning what is performance, what makes something a performance and what actually performs.

In this animation I have highlighted the architecture performing, the birds and other artifacts of the high street performing and also questioning shoppers/consumers as performers. When we enter into a shop we leave the outside street where we are a shopper to becoming a customer in a different environment focused on image - the being self image or possession of products etc.

The environment we shop in, being the interior of the shop itself or shopping centre or the exterior high street, influences how we buy and what we buy. Is is intriguing how the space we consume in determines what we consume, not just what we are physically consuming. This therefore determines what makes a product successful.

The design idea I have projected offers an temporary exhibition/installation/intervention/event/performance design incorporating all of these ideas in a simple unfolding glass/mirror cube.

The sketchy animation highlights these ideas and a way to intervene to make people change the way they perceive the shopping high street, giving them a reason to venture to the high street for another reason than shopping.

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