Saturday, 18 June 2011

Playing with Time and Pace in Hyde Park

Morning life on a sunny day in Hyde Park.

As I sat for a couple of hours I photographed each person as they ran/walked/cycled past my frontal vision. Each person had their own path, direction of travel and time, and also direction of where they planned to go in their day.

Pace and time became important to the project. I only recorded time when people were going past, forgetting the time when all I could see was the park itself. However, when I added 'my girl' (the sketched 'performer') she was in her own time, a different time scale than the real time. In other words, 'my girl' moves at a faster pace than the photographs show, not because psychically she is, but her direction of movement is not disjointed like the snapshots of people moving past the screen. She has disrupted the normal movement and pace of the normal recorded people.

The two different time spans intertwine in the stop-motion animation in a comical way, with 'my girl' playing with the passers by without their knowledge of her existence. she creates her own time, pace and direction, like us as individuals we chose how to spend time and what direction we take.

Friday, 10 June 2011

Bits and Bobs, Dordogne, France

Images taken at the local weekly market in Riberac in the South of France.

vibrant. fresh. intense. delicious.