Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Quick, easy Mind-Mapping for Dissertation

Group mind-mapping. We only have 'oNe hEAd' each, therefore we can't hold all information. Through group discussions, scribbling and jotting down simple, silly ideas is actually one of the best ways to come up with the best ideas. It helps you to open up your mind to new and interesting opinions and ideas that with yours, can create possibly thee best idea.

Group mind-mapping. For useful and easy brainstorming we worked in a group to investigate a variety of ideas about each individuals dissertation topics.

Group Mind-mapping. A fast, easy way of generating ideas and sharing information, knowledge and creativity.

Through the quick brainstorming I created a few mind-maps - one on the broad topic of Climate Change and one focusing on water, weather and the affects on the sea and environments for people and animals.

Water and the affects/how it affects Climate Change

Climate Change and Sustainability

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