Monday, 11 October 2010

'Bring the World to your Bedroom'

What do elderly people want? Wants are often disregarded. Through researching and talking to residents of a carehome it became apparent they want to be listened to, they want to communicate, and they want to teach and learn. The elderly have wisdom only gained through age. Being sociable is proven to improve self-esteem, wellbeing and health. This is often difficult for people living on their own, in carehomes or in a hospital.

The idea of ‘Bringing the World to your Bedroom’ is about enabling the person to access and communicate with the world through different environments. This means, through the merging of virtual and real world, people can not only leave their home space (in sense), but the world can come in, enabling communication between friends, family or anyone of your choice. For example, through webcam the elderly person could be streamed telling a story or teaching to be broadcasted to a classroom. This would work both ways, encouraging socialising, learning and being in a new environment without having to leave the comfort and safety of the bed.

research of Ideas

Playing with the merging of the virtual and real worlds through technology and projection, we can link physical space with digital information to combine two physical spaces stitched with digital networks.

Furniture and technology

By 2030, 25% of the population will be over 65, and these future generations who are people accustomed to advanced technology, internet, social networking etc. Who should say we should not be excited about growing older, to be able to communicate with the world without leaving the comfort of our own homes?

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