Monday, 25 October 2010

Global Warming... are we actually to blame? And are we going to go up in flames?

We are all aware of global warming. And we are constantly told we need to stop polluting, stop using dangerous pesticides, fertilisers, deodorants, stop driving etc etc etc. And yes, these fumes are bad for the environment and atmosphere but how much impact are we actually having? And is this impact even bad?

During research into climate change and CO2 consumption, I came across a surprisingly large amount of contradictory ideas suggesting as humans, the affects we have on the environment are practically insignificant to the damaging of the atmosphere. Ironically the most interesting information I found was that the idea of 'global warming' actually came about as an argument that the world was coming too cold, so it was suggested we use more CO2 to try to warm up the atmosphere, hoping the world would warm slightly (research from Global Warming Doomsday Called off).

Simultaneously statements are thrown at us that 'The world is going to burn to death as the temperatures rise'...

The more investigate, more interesting ideas emerge with believable 'facts'. For example I was completely unaware we were in an ice-age 140 years ago!

Two interesting films that argue interesting views global warming and the affects of CO2 on the atmosphere:

The Great Global Warming Swindle. View at:


Global Warming Doomsday Called Off. View at:

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