Friday, 16 April 2010

The middle of green.

As we know New Zealand is the youngest country in the entire world. And there are equivalent of 12 sheeps per person, remembering the population is small anyway. This population includes Mouri people, British (especially Scottish) settlers, many Asians and travellers, not forgetting these sheep and now almost as many cows (this is due to the Kiwis' new found love of dairy which they also call all of the grocery shops). 

'The one and only road'

Being separated from the North Island, the South Island of New Zealand is remote, silent and beautiful. The green of the Silver Ferns amongst palm trees and rolling mountains against the icy blue water that flows between these is a sight you cannot miss as you wind through them on the only road in the country.

Castle Hill - natural huge boulders cover the land.

After hours and hours of fresh air, fresh water and fresh greenery, you quickly forget that cities even exist. The biggest 'city' in the South Island of New Zealand is Christchurch, and actually as soon as we arrived there we instantly wanted to leave. Not because it is ugly or untraditional or any such like, it was just a city. And with that meant cars, busy roads, McDonalds... and no sheep. After a bowl of nachos we were out.

The stark beauty of the nature soothed and inspired me, glaring out of the car window for hours forgetting the icicles growing on my nose in the sharp wind. Such beauty that this country is graced with is unique and becoming so scarce throughout the world. The problem is is that it's virtually impossible to appreciate until you can experience such a place and feeling for yourself. Maybe if we could we would stop abusing this beauty and start loving the simple, natural things that 'should be' on our doorstep.

Abel Tasmain Natural Park

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