Saturday, 17 April 2010

Eruption - all bad?

Eruption in Iceland freezes all air traffic over Britain to and from all countries. The largest disruption to air travel since 9/11. Initial thought - 'Oh no, this is not going to be nice!'... and yes, of course this isn't good. But how bad really is it?

People are stranded on holiday, on work trips away, or at home. I know of someone having to extend their holiday in Barbados, one in Frankfurt but best of all my fellow Scottish Exchange Student's boyfriend who is now stuck here for an extra week and a half, and consequently her 21st birthday! After not being able to spend the past four birthdays with him due to him being in the marines, this is like a small miracle for her!

Not that this makes this eruption a 'miracle'. But, we could look on the bright side.. I mean take a look at this video;

This is the usual air space above Britain and now it is silent. The skies are clear just to stars (minus the ash thats littering it). Millions and millions of pounds this is costing but think how much it is doing for the environment, we are saving millions and millions of litres of gas, of dirt that destroys our ecosystems and causes global warming.

It seems to me like nature is fighting back to our greediness...

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Video thanks to the BBC


  1. yup this is nature putting us in her place

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