Friday, 30 April 2010

End to Design Movements?

After an exciting lecture from Katie Taylor from Greenspace, a graphic design based company based in London, I was not only inspired by the content and ideas expressed in the lecture, but also from a question asked at the end. 'Some of your new font is still Modernist in style, where do you think font style is going from now and in the future?'

Answer - interesting. Katie agreed with this statement and had an interesting answer. An ongoing project of Greenspace is for Zaha Hadid where the are creating a new typeface, including a website and book of projects they have done, but similatiniuosly expressing how the company works and more importantly them as individuals and their feelings. This inspired Greenspace to create not one particular font, but a variation of one main font that each employee has their own idioscincratic version, for each of their business cards. This font is made using a simple set of scrollers that you drag right and left to create maybe not a 'new style' but individual to you for you to be recognised by. An intriguing answer. And another question.. Is this where design is heading? That we no longer live through artist and design movements, our lives dictated by what they choose, that we are all designers? That everyones point of view is viable and can be listened to? Extreme idea but how far will this go? Our interaction with the digital world is growing constantly which encourages new activity and design in a different way.

The other side of Katie's answer was also that some designers were now going full cirle, embracing the Arts and Crafts, making one of truth to material ideas, carving new font etc.

Funnily enough, when I got home from the lecture I caught a glimpse of the news - a story of how Manola Blanik, the shoe designer, is creating shoes individual for everyone - online. You can go on, choose your specifics and have your perfect pair of heels... although it didn't mention how much it will cost you...