Friday, 5 November 2010

Learn through Life

In groups we were given a specific building typology. On this typolopy we had two days to come up with our take on this using whatever materials we could find in the space of our studio.


Constantly we are learning. Consciously or subconsciously.

All around us people are learning and teaching.

Throughout our lives we learn in different ways, from being very young and learning the principles of life through structural learning and developing into more indepth learning. As our learning becomes more complex, we learn about ourselves, who we are and who we want to be.

Making in process. 'Looking Back on Learning'

The process of learning through life was split up into 7 stages and represented through use of material to express developments:

1. Birth - finger knitted white wool

2. Baby - handprints of individuals identities

3. Play - Pleated strips of pipe cleaners showing experimentation through touch.

4. Primary School - Letters and numbers, structured visual learning.

5. High School - Patchworked clothes and plastic bags showing interests and becoming your own person.

6. University - Weaved essay notes and magazines, the balance between work and play. Relationships and skills becoming deeper intwined.

7. Life - Bamboo strips tightly tied and randomly sprawled show some structure and other chaos, responsibility and uniqueness of each person.

University Weave
Bamboo Life

The frames in which we exhibited our idea represent the learning through life and the use of perspective shows  full frame of each stage in life coming together to create a full picture, looking back on learning.


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