Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Bothered about Sustainability in the Film Industry?

NBC Universal Environmental Principles for Film Production

How can the film industry work in a sustainable but equally successful way?

As a designer we know we need to design for a sustainable future, we need to be 'green', we need to do this, that etc etc etc.

Where does this leave the creative art industry for film/TV?

In our culture the most popular form of leisure time is TV. TV and Films are part of most of our everyday lives, and whatever happens, most people sit down after a hard days work and chill out in front of the 'box'.

I'm interested in what happens behind the scenes, in the making of film, particularly on location.

The EMA (Environmental Media Association) are the largest group advertising and aiding ideas of 'green' filming, with 'green seal guidelines' and a yearly award event which is becoming increasingly well known and popular. Warner Brothers and stars such as Leonardo Dicaprio and many others are showing their concern about climate change. For example The Warner Bros studios have won awards for their 'green' studio practices, including the use of solar power. Dicaprio has also insisted on considering 'greener' options throughout the production of his newest films.

The EMA website has many interesting articles on how sustainability is affecting the Film Industry. At the 2010 Awards solar power was used outside the building to provide energy for the ceremony, and a green carpet was laid out for the 'green minded stars'.

Solar panel outside the EMA Awards

Film production expends a huge amount of energy, and the need for it to be done quickly, effectively, efficiently and inexpensively on the whole, mean it if often difficult to use processes and equipment that is deemed sustainable. Locational film setting also means travel to and from studios which creates an enormous amount of CO2.

Is it new technologies that need to be designed to combat these problems? Or is it our working behaviour and attitude that should change? There are increasingly more businesses developing green practices to film, including NBC Universal Environment, Green Screen  and PGA Green Does the process of filming motion pictures need to be adapted so more filming is done in the studio, less carting around to far away sites, less equipment.

Less extravagant design? Will this lose effectiveness of films when they reach us at the cinema? Will film companies be willing to accept this in order to sustain our world?

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