Wednesday, 17 February 2010

New people and new 'home'

I have just touched down in Wellington, New Zealand, after travelling halfway around the world, not forgetting 5 amazing days in LA with my in law Mexican-Californian family.

Apart from the complete flip on the world map I still feel suprisingly at home and like I'm pretty much still in Scotland (maybe this is due to the greyness all around, sky and buildings). The only difference seems to be the warmth. Even the New Zealanders all seem to have Scottish relatives closeby and the accent is a sort of mixture of English, American and Australian. It's not broad at all, unlike mine which seems to be causing an excitement to all the new students even if they do think it is Irish..

Isn't it strange how you can travel around the whole world but it's still the same? This goes back to an older post I wrote about home and where the heart is - What makes home? It makes me wonder what it means to me. Previously I thought home was where I have bonds with people and possesions, relationships that cannot be replaced etc. And yes, to a certain extent this is true but I have found a new home now and I admit I could talk only a sentence about each person around me.

So what does home mean to me now? Where I feel safe. Where I feel appriciated. Where I can walk around in my 10 year old pyjamas and feel at ease.

Another thing which I can't help thinking about is why I feel so at home with these new people. It is as if faces and personalities seem to mirror another person on the other side of the world. I'm starting to think maybe there is another 'you' in each continent or country, just in another body. In fact maybe just one other you, mirroring exactly what you do.

However I have not found me in New Zealand yet..

Wellington from Mt Victoria

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