Sunday, 28 February 2010


photographs of 'A Sweet Sharing Project'

I was lucky enough to be invited to watch and experience a competition called Eco-Innovations that encourages young designers to collaborate from their different fields to think up new ways in which we, as young designers, can help to influence people into becoming sustainable or even just becoming aware of the affect we are having on the environment which therefore may encourge us to change.

The project is in association with 60 Earth Hour. This video captivates what they d0;

Massey University 4th years worked together from different design fields including Spatial Design, Graphics, Advertising and Textiles to create design ideas which have amazing potential to dramatically improve the world.

Projects included t-shirts that you could have your say printed on the front and the label would be visible on the back where yuo choose how you want your t-shirt printed and made, eg, which fabric, where it is made etc, therefore showing everyone else how much you care about how your product is made and ultimately if it is sustainable.

Another was a product that mimics the milking of a cow. It would be set up in the supermarket and look like a drinking tap (with udder 'teets') where you take your glass milk bottle and refill it when you need milk. The idea behind this is to cut out the middle man and make us think of how things can be done easily, and not forgetting enjoyably!

This example is 'A sweet sharing Project' - is an idea that is taken back to communities and when we used to share things with our neighbours, such as a bag of sugar. Instead of consuming more and more we do not need, this project would aim to encourage people not only to share, but to spend time and make friends with the people around you.

Others from this project;
To see others from this competition
thanks to; team double you's flikr. All of the entrants mentioned in this blog.

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