Thursday, 3 December 2009

To Bus or not to Bus?

I previously wrote about my experience in London on Black Friday last week and how it was littered with money machines. Now on this news this evening was the talk of buses in London and how they are the 'ones' littering Oxford Street. It was said that the average us has only 10 travellers riding, 1/3 of buses travelling along Britain's busiest shopping street have only 5 people on them! This is considering that 367 pass Oxford Circus every hour! (curtosy of BBC news). 

Are buses really needed in London? Considering it has the most efficient underground service in the world (New York is currently recruiting some planners of the London Underground to transform the New York Subway, which I can say was murder!), you would think that would be enough? Let's not forget it does have the 'Underground Art' scheme, and not forgetting the saxophone players taking the stage next to the ticket stand. But something would still be missing. We wouldnot be subject to Piccadilly Circuses flashing advertisements or the latest Selfridges, Debenhams and Harvey Nichols window displays each fighting to be top dog. 

Underground Map - Iconic Design first created in 1933.

No, I believe you could never get rid of the famous red bus and black taxis that make up overground lanes. The Council has already cut the amount of buses by 10% to last year but looks as though it will carry on this. Will it go further? Will we soon be subject to the same histeria that the Edinbrugh Trams are creating?(not that is is not worth it). But in London...

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