Wednesday, 25 November 2009

MVRDV does Rotterdam Market Hall

Look like your local farmers market selling fresh strawberries?

Imagine beginning your day here choosing your breakfast surrounded by huge flash images of fruit and veg, whilst taking in the sweet scents of the fresh food your about to consume. 

Not bad.

Developed by Provast and designed by MVRDV, this market hall in Rotterdam is about to be begun. This simply comes from a new law placed stating market halls have to be covered which this design has taken to the extreme, with the height and views of central Rotterdam. Not just is it even a market hall but this building 228 apartments aswell as shops, restaurants and a car park with 1,200 spaces! 

This huge project is set to be finnished in 2014 and cost 175 million euros. The fact it has an underground supermarket and places to live permamantly and rent means this will transform the centre of Rotterdam not just for the people living there but encourage others to go. 

LCD screens line the interior whilst balconies decorate the exterior.

Most important is the fact the market is the highlight of the building which is beneficial to people selling fresh food that is produced locally, therefore a sustainable source which will be encouraged to develop. If we had a proper place to buy and sell locally produced products instead of a shabby plastic tent roof taped onto a couple of poles wouldn't we be more likely to go and buy fresh food whilst helping the community?

 Market Stall in Mcleod Gange, India.

Why does Tescos, Asdas, Sainsburys etc have it so easy selling things that markets can sell cheaper, fresher and way tastier?!

Find out more about the Rotterdam Market Hall;

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