Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Other alternative art in the streets of Berlin

Following my blog on street art I found in Paris, focusing on Space Invador, I have been scouting the streets of Berlin for the past few days hawk-eyeing various cool stenciling, spray painting, squat workings and murals decorating the walls, ground, objects on the street, squats, and not forgetting works on the remaining Berlin Wall.

These are photographs I took on the Alternative Tour of Berlin, where we were taken around the Mitte area and to the Berlin Wall and East Side Gallery. Many of them are from squats and small streets around what was once the poorer side of Berlin, which has now mostly been rejuvenated (whether people like it or not).


The piece above was actually sponsored by Nike as advertising outside one of the only remaining artist squats in Berlin.

These are all examples of repeated artists work throughout the Mitte area of Berlin. In 2 days it is easy to miss alot and because it is illegal, some of the pieces have been destroyed or covered over. Frequently however these works are ignored as when they are painted over, create ugly blocks of colour, alot worse than the artists work.

Banksy's rat has actually been chipped away on this wall and stolen, left only with his name to show what was once there. This is becoming more popular throughout the streets and also in other cities.

The Berlin Wall has some intriguing and fantastic works of street art. Disgusting however it is that a section of the wall was moved along the riverside to allow the O2 Arena to have a space to put up a huge advertising LED screen, such an eyesore and even more disrespectful.

This is what we we told is the Berlin Motto. Not the 'I love Berlin' but underneath, on the body of the person says 'Sexy Berlin'.

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  1. very cool blog post! - loving all the snaps of berlin's alternative 'underground' art scene!