Tuesday, 14 December 2010

InBetween Exhibition

How can we distinguish what we want and what we need? Since Maslow created his hierarchy of needs in the 1930s our consuming culture has exploded, making it easier and cheaper to get what we want, resulting in us wanting more, creating more waste in our lives, waste of time, money and self. This greedy ‘want want want’ attitude occupies us in a huge way, overtaking our needs creating a distorted triangle of needs.

We want and we need. We don’t just need. We don’t just want. But what is inbetween? The want occupies us at the same time as occupying so much space around us. Our needs are always there, the ‘anti-space’ that surrounds us. But where are we comfortable?

Every individual and culture has differing wants and needs, but we all have an inbetween. This inbetween space is away from greed and obsession with possession, simultaneously away from restriction and limitation to a space within ourselves and our environment were we belong. 

This exhibition journeys through these emotional stages that occupy our lives and time beginning from the want to the need towards the Inbetween space where we can reflect and realise. 

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