Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Sticking to Interior and Environmental Design

The question that was posed - how does the Stickiness Factor apply to Interior and Environmental Design? First answer - it doesn't. Action Brainstorming. To start with it was slow and tedious, however the more the group got into it each of us seemed to come up with more bizarre, broad ideas that we plastered down on the page 'for the banter'. An odd variety seemed to pop up, from Kate Moss to rituals of taking your shoes off at the door to the Clutter Problem to Fred Perry NEDS and Heat Magazine. These are the sort of things that stick but also what we might think of and say 'What the?!', 'Disgraceful', 'Distasteful', etc etc. Me, as a designer, has to research what sticks and why, and this brainstorming and discussing activity set me on my way to broaden my approach in researching what and why I am designing. 

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